"Integrating faith with care for families"
Since Harvey County Circle of Hope began in 2009, First United Methodist Church in downtown Newton has provided a rent-free home for the weekly Tuesday supper gatherings and meetings. 
"5,000 Volunteer Hours Valuing $130,000
Seasonal volunteers and community members donated their time, talent, and treasure to help improve our community through programs like Harvey County Circle of Hope and Summer Enrichment Activities for Kids!
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"Their kind and encouraging words flow forth on a daily basis."
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When it comes to nurturing kids in Harvey County, three groups believe it's better to partner with others than to serve alone. 
"Together SEAKing Ways to Serve"
Because three organizational leaders in Harvey County risked opening a new door into shared work space, they have
created a new day for the community. 
"Opening a new door for a new day"
"Gaining locally by giving locally"
Deb and Jim Zeiner have learned that by giving locally through their time, talent, and treasure, they as a family - and an entire community - have only good to gain from the effort.created a new day for the community.